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Specimens collected from Veliköprüsü in Thrace (European Turkey), Akçaalan (Abant, Bolu), Akkus, (Ordu), and Meryemana (Trabzon), which is the type locality of M. majori, were examined according to morphological, external, cranial, bacular, phallic and karyological characters. Specimens from Thrace were included in Microtus subterraneus. Populations of M. subterraneus in Thrace karyologically differ from those in Anatolia, the former having 2n = 52 chromosomes, NFa = 56, NF =60, and the latter 2n = 54 chromosomes, NFa = 56, NF = 60. The karyotype of M. majori at its type locality contains 2n = 54 chromosomes along with NFa = 56 and NF = 60. The tail length, phallus and karyological characters distinguish M. subterraneus from M. majori.


Microtus subterraneus, Microtus majori, Karyology, Baculum, Phallus, Turkey.

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