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The faunistic study on Meloidae conducted from 1970s up to 1996 based on the collection of over 4000 specimens and 147 species of 17 genera in two subfamilies are reported. Among them Alosimus reitterianus(Semenov), Coryna confluensReiche, Mylabris cingulata Falderman, M. colligata Redtenbacher, M. furcimacula Sumakov, M. serana (Escherich), M. suturalis Pic, Meloe ganglbauery Apfelbeck, M. glazunovi Pliginskij, M. rufiventris Germar, M. scabriusculus Brand et Erichson, Apalus bipunctatus Germar, A. spectabilis Schaun, Stenoria analis Schaun and Zonitis nigriventris Motschulsky are new records for the Turkish fauna. Besides that Cerocoma scovitzi intermediaMaran, Lydus anatolicusMuche, L. gibbigerEscherich, Micromerus bitlisensis Kaszab, M. dersimensis Kaszab, M. semiobscurus (Pic), M. tauricus Maran, Mylabris ciliciensis (Escherich), M. concolor Marseul, Oenas armeniacus Kaszab, Lytta vesicatoria heydeni Haag-Rutenberg and Stenodera anatolica Frivaldszky are endemic species and subspecies in Turkey. Host plants of some of the species are recorded, in related to this, Micromerus erivanicus (Maran) is an important pest of flowers of Vicia spp. and Onobrychis sativa; Mylabris quadripunctata (F.) is also pest on soft grain of wheat. The triungulins of Meloe violaceus Mansham are found in the hives of honey bees in some villages of Oltu (Erzurum).


Meloidae, Coleoptera, Faunistic, Turkey

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