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Hibernation pattern and changes in the body weight of juvenile and adult dormice, Glis glis orientalis, kept in uncontrolled conditions were investigated. It was determined that G.g.orientalis entered hibernation on October 28 when its body weight was 180 g and the ambient temperature was below 18 ºC, which seems to be the critical temperature for entering hibernation. Although body weight has an important role in entering hibernation at the beginning of the hibernation season, dormice hibernated as the hibernation season progressed regardless of their body weight. Adult dormice arose from hibernation during the period of May 13 to June 6. The maximum uninterrupted period of hibernation was 31 days in adult dormice and 36 days in juveniles. An adult dormouse spent 181 days in hibernation during the hibernation season. There were periodic cycles, varying from 1 to 6 weeks, in the body weight of G.g.orientalis.


Glis glis orientalis, hibernation, body weight.

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