Turkish Journal of Zoology

The Effects of Chicken Manure on Benthic Productivity in Carp Ponds




In this research, the effect of chicken manure on the productivity of benthic fauna in the carp ponds was examined. Chicken manure in a fluid form was applied 5 kg/ha/day. The abundance (numbers/m2) and biomass (g. wet weight/m2) of benthic organisms were determined in a group of ponds: Control (Group I.), manured (Group II), manured and pellets containing 27% raw protein (Group III) and only pellets containing 45% raw protein (Group IV). Carps were only stocked in ponds of group III and IV. The present results showed that application of manure were markedly effect on the total abundance and biomass of benthic organisms in the II and III groups. During the experiment the highest total abundance and biomass were in III, II and IV groups respectively. The lowest value was determined from control ponds. Similarly, the biomass and abundance of Chironomidae larvae and Gastopods in the manured ponds also were found to be greater than in control ponds.


Benthic productivity, Chironomid, Gastropod, Carp Ponds, Chicken manure, Benthos.

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