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Odonata Fauna of Istranca Mountains




In this study, Odonata fauna of Istranca Mountains has been investigated in spring, summer and autumn seasons of the years 1992-1993. During the research, 19 species belong to 11 genus of 4 families of suborder Anisoptera and 14 species belong to 10 genus of 5 families of suborder Zygoptera are determined from 39 different localities. Among these species, Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Sulzer, 1776) and Aeshna cyanea (Müller, 1764) are the new records for Turkish Thrace region. In examined habitats, Orthetrum brunneum, Ischnura elegans and Platycnemis pennipes are found to be the most common species. Orthetrum brunneum was observed to be located in 7, Ischnura elegans and Platycnemis pennipes were found to be located in 6 of 9 different habitats. These species oftenly observed around streams, irrigation canals, ponds, bushes and grass-type plants. The numbers of species were found only in one habitat are 13. The species established in our research area, zoo-geographically, represent different faunal elements namely 'Palaeogene", 'Entogene" and 'Exogene'. Species come from 'Entogene' group show very wide distribution in palearctic region and are very common in our research area.


Turkish Thrace, Odonata, Taxonomi, Fauna.

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