Turkish Journal of Zoology

The Growth Performance of Red Mullet (Mullus barbatus Linnaeus,1758) and Brushtooth Lizardfish (Saurida undosquamis (Richardson,1848)) from the Coastal Region of Adana Province (İskenderun Bay,Turkey)




This research has been carried out to investigate some growth features and morphometric characterics of red Mullet (M barbatus) and Lizardfish (S. undosquamis) living in Mediterranean. 348 M. barbatus, 333 S. undosquamis were used a fish material which were captured in Iskenderun Bay, September-1992, September-1993. The population of Red Mullet has shown a distribution 0-IV age groups. This condition factor was determined as 1.791±0.0206. Maturity age of this species were found as II years old. The population of Lizardfish has shown a distribution 0-III age groups. This condition factor was determined as 0.924±0.0173. Maturity age of this species was found as I year old.


Red Mullet, M. barbatus, Lizardfish, S. undosquamis, Growth, Morphometric charactericts, condition factor.

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