Turkish Journal of Zoology

Investigations of the Growth and Reproduction of Horse Mackerel (Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus ALIEV) Population in Turkish Black Sea Coast




In this study, the following biological characteristics of horse mackerel (T.m.ponticus) population in Turkish Black Sea Coast have been examined: sex distribution, growth in length and weight, growth rates, attainment of first maturity age and spawning period. The percentage of males was 38.27%, females 38.10% and juveniles 23.63% out of 601 specimens which ranged between age group I-VI. The length and weight differences between females and males were not statistically significant. The weight-length relationship and growth equations were estimated as follows, respectively: W = 0.004834*L3.2188, Lt= 18.357 [1-e-0.4271(t+0.5986)] and Wt = 56.524 [1-e-0.4271(t+0.5986)]3.2188 The first maturity age was at the second year. According to GSI values, it has been determined that spawning occurs during July and August.


Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus, Growth, Reproduction, Turkish Black Sea Coast

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