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Morphological and Osteological Comparisons of Bufo viridis (Amphibia: Anura) Populations of Resadiye (Datça) Peninsula and Komotini (Greece)




In this study, Bufo viridis populations of Resadiye (Datça) Peninsula and Komotini have been compared with respect to pattern and coloration specifications, morphometric measurements and ratios, and osteological characteristics. The purpose of the study is investigated morphologically in detail, comparing the above-mentioned populations. We believe that Bufo viridis populations distributed Southwestern Turkey and Northeastern Greece are not mutually distinguishable in view of the characteristics compared, and that these populations should be included in the form viridis, considering their distribution in conformity with literature data.


Bufo viridis, Southwestern Anatolia, Northeastern Greece, Morphology, Osteology.

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