Turkish Journal of Zoology

Crepuscular and Nocturnal Behaviours, Activation Coefficient and Vector Potential Formulas Culex spp. (Diptera: Culicidae) of Ortaca and Dalaman Regions in Muğla II




In this study, adult control methods and 'vector potential formulas' which are basic for modelling of 6 Culex spp. (C. pipiens, C. laticinctus, C. hortensis, C. martinii, C. tritaeniorhynchus, C. vagans) showing seasonal dominancy of Ortaca-Sarıgerme and Dalaman regions in Muğla were determined. For this aim, after observing the crepuscular-nocturnal behaviour and abdomen physiology of the species, Òactivation coefficientÓ values were estimated monthly, by proportion of half gravid-gravid species to fed ones. The results which are consistent with the results of our previous sampling studies showed that C. pipiens and C. hortensis were the most active species of the region during 11 and 7 months of the year, respectively.


Mugla-Sarigerme-Dalaman, Culex, Crepuscular-Nocturnal Behaviour, Activation Coefficient, Vector Potential Formulas, Türkiye.

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