Turkish Journal of Zoology

An Investigation on The Growth Criterias of Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus 1758 in Çıldır Lake-Ardahan


Sedat V. YERLİ




A total of 296 Cyprinus carpio were caught in the Çıldır Lake-Ardahan from May to December 1991. The age composition of C. carpio specimens were between II-IX years and IV years olds dominated with a rate of 33.11%. In the stock the percentages were calculated as 69.15% for males and 30.85% for females. According to age groups II-IX, to average forklengths were 216.25 mm; 265.71 mm; 296.71 mm; 331.40 mm; 383.76 mm; 468.50 mm; 470.67 mm and 500.00 g., average weights were 206.75 g.; 342.25 g.; 486.39 g.; 715.65 g .; 1028.76 g.; 1431.25 g.; 2073.30 g. and 2180.00 g. Determined minimum and maximum fork lengths were 200 and 536 mm; weights were 128 and 2220 g.


Cyprinus carpio, growth criteria, Çıldır Lake-Turkey.

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