Turkish Journal of Zoology

A Study on the Diel Activity of Pardosa Spiders (Araneae, Lycosidae) Sampled by the Time-sorting Pitfall Trap in Different Habitats


Abdullah BAYRAM




In this study, the diel activity of Pardosa amentata (Clerck), P. pullata (Clerck), P. palustris (Linnaeus) and P. nigriceps (Thorell) (Araneae, Lycosidae) was determined using the time-sorting pitfall trap in grassland and fallow field in Northumberland - England. In spite of some captures of Pardosa species during the day-time and night, most were caught in the afternoons and mornings. The least lycosids were collected at midnight and sunrise periods. The running activity of the species was found to be temperature-dependent. During sunny and hot periods, these spiders were more active and visible. In May and June, the males of Pardosa were more active than the females. The females with egg sacs preferred mostly the afternoon and morning periods. Like the adults, immuture spiders were caught in all periods, but they were more active in the afternoons.


Diel activity, Pordosa, Lycosidae, Wolf spiders, Northumberland

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