Turkish Journal of Zoology

Some Histochemical 0bservations on the Haemocytes of the Agrotis segetum (Dennis and Schiff.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)




Five types of hemocytes were recognized in the last instar larvae and prepupa of the Agrotis segetum: prohaemocytes, plasmatocytes, granulocytes, spherule cells and oenocytoids. These cells were characterized by phase-contrast microscopy and by optic microscope after staining with Giemsa. In these study, some histochemical test were made on these haemocytes. The prohaemocytes give positive reaction with PMaG and PAS test and negative reaction with Millon test. The plasmatocytes, granulocytes and oenocytoids give positive reactions with PMaG, PAS test and Sudan Black B but the protein test gives negative reaction. ln the spherule cells, PMaG ad PAS test are positive, Millon reaction and Sudan Black B are negative. 0nly plasmatocytes and granulocytes give positive reaction with Toluidine blue and Neutral red.


Agrotis segetum, heameocytes, histochemical test.

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