Turkish Journal of Zoology

A Study on Some Biological Characteristics of Capoeta tinca (Heckel, 1843) Living in the Kirmir Stream of Sakarya River (Ankara, Türkiye)




This research was carried out in Kirmir Çayi a branch of Sakarya River (Western Anatolia) in between the dates of March, 1993 and February, 1994 period. Totally 461 specimens, taken from five different localities, during this period. Age composition, length and weight distribution increasing of length, weight percentages, length - weight relationships, condition factor and logarithmic regression equation were estimated, according to sexual position of Capoeta tinca (Heckel, 1843). The age composition of this species, ranges from I to VII. In the age group three, individuals were considered to be dominant. 54% of the individuals were males and the rest were females. The length distribution ranges from 71.1 mm. to 281.2 mm. where as for the weight distribution, it changes from 7.2 g. to 344.2 g. In the age groups of I, V, VI and VII, males were found to be taller considerably. However, females were observed to be heavier in the age groups of I, V, VI, VII. The condition factor of females were estimated to be higher in the ages of I, II, V, VI, VII.


Capoeta tinca, Growth Rates, Condition Factor.

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