Turkish Journal of Zoology

Eumenidae (Hymenoptera, Vespoidea) of Turkey




The material of the family Eumenidae was collected from different localities of Turkey between 1993 and 1994, and the other related studies on the species of Eumenidae in Turkey were reviewed. In this study, 233 species and subspecies belonged to 43 genera in three subfamilies were reported. The type localities of 2 genera, 48 species and 22 subspecies were in Turkey. Odynerus serricrus Blüthgen, Onychopterocheilus hellenicus hellenicus Morawitz, Antepipona insana insana (Giordani Soika), Ancistrocerus ichneumonideus (Ratzeburg) and A. longispinosus longispinosus (Saussure) were new for Turkish fauna. Also one paratype of Ancistrocerus oviventris caucasicus which was described by Gusenleitner was deposited in the Museum of the Entomolgy Department. Some new localities were found for many species which have already been recorded in Turkey.


Eumenidae, Vespoidea, Hymenoptera, faunistic, Turkey.

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