Turkish Journal of Zoology

Research on the Loggerhead Turtle, Caretta caretta, of Fethiye Beach




In this study, the nest building, number of eggs and hatchlings of Caretta caretta and harmful effects on them were observed during a single breeding season of Fethiye Beach. As a result of this research, 240 emergences were recorded, 118 of which (49.17 %) resulted in nest building. The average clutch size was 86 eggs (min: 29, max: 156). The total number of eggs in 102 nests was 8772. From these eggs, 4864 hatched (55.44 %) and 3337 hatchlings were able to reach the sea (68.60 %). Factors negatively affecting the eggs and hatchlings were foxes, dogs, hooded crows and coleopter larvae. Moreover, people also affected the nests. The average incubation period in 67 nests was 56.9 days (min: 42, max: 77±8.62). The average body measurements taken from 302 hatchlings were calculated as SCL: 3.98 (min: 2.8 cm, max: 4.5 cm ±0.19) SCW: 3.01 (min: 2.4 cm, max: 3.5 cm ±0.18). During the breeding season 4 adults were tagged.


Caretta caretta, nest, emergence, hatchling.

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