Turkish Journal of Zoology

A Freshwater Mussel Species Unio stevenianus Krynicki 1837 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the River Karasu Flowing into Lake Van, Turkey




Lake Van, the biggest soda lake of the earth and its drainage area is located in Eastern Turkey. The River Karasu is one of the main inlets of the lake. In this study, a freshwater mussel species was collected from downstream parts of The River Karasu and identified as Unio stevenianus Krynicki 1837. Morphological investigaitons and morphometric measurements were carried out. Some characteristics of the habitat as well as its ecological relations with other species and its environment were observed. This species is a new record for this basin and for Turkey among fresh water bivalves.


Freshwater mussel, Unionidae, Unio stevenianus, The River Karasu, Lake Van

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