Turkish Journal of Zoology

Relation with the Age of the Histological Variations in the Compact Layer of the Long Bones




This research has been made on the long bones of the extremities of the rabbits, Lepus capensis. It has been established in which indicated correlation in very high values the age of this numerically change by optaining non Havers canal, osteon and interval lamellas number presented in the circular area with a hundred enlargement in the cross section took with the decalcify method. According to the results obtained, number of the osteon and the interval lamella in femur, tibia, humerus, radius and ulna has shown the increase with the age. The correlation between the age with this formation is more than r = 0.9. Number of the non Havers canal in these bones with the age has shown a decrease and a negative correlation.


Microscopic Age Determination, Bone Age

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