Turkish Journal of Zoology

Caelifera Fauna of (Orthoptera, Insecta) Malatya District




During 5 years many samples were collected from Malatya Province and its vicinity. The samples were identified and diversity from nominal description were determined, if it is exist. Cosequently, 1 genus 1 species of Trydactylidae, 1 genus 4 species of Tetrigidae, 1 genus 2 species of Pyrgomorphidae, 5 genera 8 species of Pamphagidae, 27 genera 57 species of Acrididae and totaly 35 genera 72 species of Caelifera suborder were obtained. 7 species of these 72 taxa are new record for East Anatolia, 18 species of those are new record for Malatya Province. The data were evaluated faunistic and zoogeographically. 15 species which were determined in reseach area are endemic for Turkey. In reseach area the Caucasian-Iranien, Sibirien and Syrien species are dominant, Mediterranean species are unusual. Finally an evaluation made for species which occasionally may become gregarious in the district.


Insecta, Orthoptera, Caelifera, Systematic, Faunistic, Malatya.

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