Turkish Journal of Zoology

Faunistic and Systematic Studies on the Family Eumenidae (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea) in Erzurum and Neighbouring Provinces and Some other Localities




This is a faunal and systematic study on the family Eumenidae (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea) collected from Erzurum and neighbouring provinces and some other localities of the country in 1990-1992 and previous years. Two species and one genus in the Raphiglossinae, 92 species and subspecies, and 29 genera in the Eumeninae, totaly 94 species and subspecies are recorded. Among them Odynerus reniformis balcanicus (Blüthgen), O.simillimus Morawitz, O.spinipes (Linnaeus), Onychopterocheilus ecarinatus Morawitz, O.hellenicus syriacus Blüthgen, O.pallasi Klug, Pterocheilus phaleratus (Panzer), Stenodynerus orenburgensis (Andre), Euodynerus hellenicus (Blüthgen), E.notatus pubescens (Thomson), E.semisaecularis (Dalla Torre), Ancistrocerus dusmelilotus (Strand) and Delta unguiculatum libanicum (Giordani Soika) are new records for Turkish fauna. Odynerus melanocephalus armeniacus (Morawitz), Gymnomerus laevipes (Shuckard), Tachyancistrocerus rhodensis (Saussure), Eustenancistrocerus amadensis transitorius (Morawitz), E.jerichoensis iconius Blüthgen, Jucancistrocerus jucundus (Mocsary), Pseudepipona herrichii (Saussure), Rhynchium oculatum hebraeum Giordani Soika, Ancistrocerus auctus (Fabricius) and Delta unguiculatum (Villers) are common and most of them are high populated species. Paravespa grandis caucasica (Kokujev), Odynerus rotundigaster Saussure, Antepipona iconia (Blüthgen), Allodynerus nigricornis (Morawitz), Ancistrocerus claripennis Thomson, Symmorphus murarius (Linnaeus) and Pareumenes laminatus (Kriechbaumer) are rare species, and only one specimen is found foreach species. A short description is made for each species and subspecies, and some drawings of body parts having taxonomic importance are enclosed. Keys to the genera, species and subspecies are prepared. Their distribution in the research area, other parts of the country and world is included.


Eumeninae, Raphiglossinae, Faunistic, Systematic.

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