Turkish Journal of Zoology

Morphological and Serological Investigations Bufo viridis (Anura: Bufonidae) Populations in the West and South Anatolia




In this investigation, morphological and serological studies are conducted on a total of 120(56MM,64VV) specimens from West and South Anatolian Bufo viridis populations. Statistical evaluation of morphometric measurements and ratios show that total body lengths of Adana samples are greater, their rostrums are more obtuse and shorter, their thumbs thicker and their inter orbital distances narrower than those of the izmir samples. While there are some similarities between the pattern and coloration characteristics of the populations belonging to the two regions, in Adana samples dorsum is generally yellowish green, with almost same colored maculations. So that it is usually impossible to discern the pattern, also the presence of a vertebral stripe is more frequent with respect to the izmir samples. By polycrylamide disk electrophoresis, blood serum proteins could be separated in to 8 main fractions or fraction groups in all of the samples. The qualitative comparison of the serum proteins established that the Adana samples are different from the izmir samples in their albumin and some globulin (G3 and G5) fractions. In 55% of the adana samples a prealbümin fraction is present, while in izmir samples the some rations 29%. Quantitative comparison of the blood serums from the two regions also demostrated statistically significant differences both in albumin fraction and albumin/globulin ratios. While the B.viridis populations inhabiting West and South Anatolian regions are more or less similar morphometrically and biometrically, some statistically significant differences exist between them; furthermore the establishment of some serological differences indicate that the B.viridis population from the southern region may be accepted as belonging to the arabicus form.


Bufonidae, Bufo, Taxonomy.

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