Turkish Journal of Zoology

Volume 20, Number 1 (1996)



Caelifera Fauna of (Orthoptera, Insecta) Malatya District
Battal ÇIPLAK, Ali DEMİRSOY, and Ali Nihat BOZCUK
Pages 17-31


Relation with the Age of the Histological Variations in the Compact Layer of the Long Bones
Tuncer KORKMAZ, M. Ali KAYA, and Vahdettin BAYAZIT
Pages 71-76


A Study on the Water Mites (Hydrachnellae, Acari) Fauna of Sultan Sazligi (Kayseri)
Muhlis ÖZKAN, Orhan ERMAN, and Yunus Ömer BOYACI
Pages 95-98


Tubificid Culture
Gülsen TİMUR, Metin TİMUR, İsmail İ. TURNA, Ayşegül KUBİLAY, and Ramazan İKİZ
Pages 99-101


Prof. Dr. Mustafa YAMAN
Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University

Associate Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Dr. Mustafa DURAN
Pamukkale University

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