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The lying behavior of Gazella marica fawns was investigated in the gazelle breeding station established to prevent the extinction of this species, whose numbers are decreasing continuously in the wild. There are significant differences between the lying duration in the bedding sites of different kinds (plant-based site, soil-based, side of a stone or rock). Gazella marica fawns were lying on one side of the body 50.23 min on average in the plant-based bed sites, 36.06 min in the soil-based places, and 38.14 min in the stone/ rock area. Gazella marica fawns from semicaptive conditions lied on one body side longer compared to Gazella subgutturosa fawns in the wild. During May 15–31 Gazella marica fawns preferred the plant-based bed sides, significantly less the soil-based and stone/rock areas. Gazella marica fawns were lying in sunny places in the plant-based and soil-based bed sides, while in the stone/rock areas they were laying more in the shaded places. Gazella marica fawns were laying in sunny areas from mid-May until the end of July, while during August, they preferred the shaded places. In general, the lying duration was different: Gazella marica had longer one-bodyside laying duration in the semicaptive conditions than Gazella subgutturosa fawns in the wild, though both species prefer likely most comfortable bedding sites. The reason of this difference likely related to antipredator behavior, when Gazella marica fawns, protected by fence against any predation case, feel safer and can rest longer, while Gazella subgutturosa fawns in the wild have additional impact of predation danger and therefore, they change the body sides more often during the rest due to have opportunity for additional vigilance.


bedding place, bedding preference, Gazella marica, lying time

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