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This study aimed to define growth traits of kids named Manavlı goat from six flocks under the breeder?s conditions in Denizli Province. The average birth weights of the kids were 3.63 kg, 4.28 kg, 3.85 kg, 4.11 kg, 3.83 kg, and 3.64 kg for the six flocks, respectively. The average live weights of male and female kids on 60th, 90th, and 150th day of age were 16.50 kg, 22.35 kg, and 34.82 kg and 15.33 kg, 20.14 kg, and 32.06 kg, respectively (p < 0.05). While the average live weights of single kids on 60th, 90th were 16.70 kg and 21.96 kg, the values for twins were 15.13 kg and 21.03 kg, respectively (p < 0.05). Body measurements of male kids such as height at withers, rump height, rump width, body length, heart girth, head length, ear length, tail length, and front and back wrist girth were measured as 70.26 cm, 70.21 cm, 16.23 cm, 66.80 cm, 70.11 cm, 19.51 cm, 22.16 cm, 18.59 cm, 11.85 cm, and 11.57 cm, respectively, on the 150th day of age. This study is the first research related to growth traits of Manavlı kids, for which no features have been reported to date. It was thought that the results obtained will help to characterise the Manavlı goat and will provide a database for the following studies.


Manavlı goat, kids, growth

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