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In this study, avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV), avian metapneumovirus (AMPV), and avian reovirus (ARV) were evaluated in broiler and layer flocks. For this purpose, tracheal swabs from 48 broiler and 45 layer flocks with respiratory signs were inoculated SPF embryonated chicken eggs for virus isolation. The viruses were identified by real-time PCR. Results showed that the most common virus in both broiler and layer farms was IBV with incidence rates of 58.33% and 46.67%, respectively. ILTV, AMPV, and ARV incidences in the samples were found to be 22.22%, 13.33%, and 4.44% in layer flocks while 2.08%, 8.33%, and 20.83% in broilers, respectively. The numbers of IBV+AMPV and IBV+ARV coinfections were 5 (11.11%) and 1 (2.22%) in layers, whereas, 1 (2.08%) and 5 (10.42%) broilers, respectively. In addition, 2 broiler flocks (4.17%) had triple infection with IBV, AMPV, and ARV. ILTV was detected always alone from the samples of layer and broiler flocks. Sequencing of S1 gene of selected IBV TR/L45 and TR/B42 isolates showed similarities with IS/1494/06 (HM131453) at the rates of 98.98% and 99.69%, respectively, while TR/L37, TR/L38, and TR/L39 isolates were identical to 4/91 (KF377577) vaccine strain at the rates of 99.01%, 99.01%, and 98.76%, respectively. Sequencing analysis of the ICP4 and TK genes of ILTV isolates revealed that they were all field strains with low virulence. The present data represent actual information on the genotypes of IBV and ILTV circulating in poultry flocks in Türkiye.


Infectious bronchitis virus, infectious laryngotracheitis virus, avian metapneumovirus, avian reovirus, qPCR, chicken

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