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In this study, we aimed to determine the number, volume, and lumbosacral enlargement of the lumbosacral segments using stereology methods. In accordance with the study, 10 adult geese (regardless of sex) which were healthy and weighing 3-4 kg was chosen. After the geese had been perfused with 10% formaldehyde, the lumbosacral parts of their spinal cord were revealed by dissection. After each segment of the lumbosacral section had been separated, tissue samples were obtained from these segments. By means of a microtome, sections of 5-μm thickness were taken from the tissue samples. Then, twelve sections were obtained from a lumbosacral segment of each animal at the ratio of 1/250 sampling. Afterwards, all sections of the lumbosacral segments were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and we took the photographs of preparations under a microscope. As a result, all tissues volume fractions and volume values of white and grey matter sections in each segment of the lumbosacral part of the goose were estimated. In addition, the number of lumbosacral segments and lumbosacral enlargement regions was also revealed.


Goose, lumbosacral segment, medulla spinalis, stereology, volume

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