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The aim of this study was to investigate the distribution and density of IgG, vimentin, and CD45 in mouse placenta on the fourth, tenth, and seventeenth days of pregnancy. Strept avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (streptABC) staining method was used. On the fourth day of pregnancy, the expression of IgG, vimentin, and CD45 was more intense around the uterine glands. On the tenth day, IgG, vimentin and CD45 positive cells were demonstrated in decidua basalis and mesometrial parietal trophoblast giant cells (P-TGCs) and mesometrial lymphocyte groups (MLAp) portions. The formation of the placenta was completed on the seventeenth day of pregnancy. The expression of IgG in the labyrinth placenta as well as in the decidual spaces was evident on the seventeenth day of pregnancy. While the expression of vimentin was observed in the labyrinth placenta and the MLAp in a granular fashion, CD45 was expressed in a few P-TGCs as well as in MLAp along with vimentin.


CD45, histology, immunoglobulin G, placenta, vimentin

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