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This study was carried out to investigate the species identification and enumeration of some pathogenic microorganisms before and after feeding the full ration contaminated by predatory starling bird herds on 5 different days in the dairy cattle farm in Aksaray. At the end of the study, the average number of E.coli obtained from the feed samples taken before the arrival of starlings was 6.46 log cfu/g, while the number of E.coli obtained from the feed taken after starling birds flocked to the feed was found as 6.80 log cfu/g. While the average Campylobacter spp. number was 5.50 log cfu/g, this value was found as 5.66 log cfu/g after starlings swooped down on the feed. As the average Yersinia spp. number was 5.04 log cfu/g, this value was 5.78 log cfu/g after the starlings flocked to the feed. Salmonella was found in 3 samples taken from the feed samples taken after the starlings came to the farm only on the 5th day in 5 different days when they attacked the cattle feed. Considering the current results, necessary precautions should be taken against starlings that cause contamination in farms. Key words:


Campylobacter, cattle feed, Salmonella, starling, Yersinia

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