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The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of consuming feed rations containing ad libitum limestone grit with whole or ground flaxseed (10%) on quails? performance, egg quality (shape index, albumen index, yolk index, and Haugh unit), and some blood parameters (hematocrit, cholesterol, and triglyceride) during a period of 8 weeks. Five weeks old quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica; 140 in total) were divided into control and 4 trial groups. The rations of the first (W) and second (G) trial groups consisted of whole or ground flaxseeds (10%), respectively. The composition of the rations of the third (Wg) and fourth (Gg) experimental groups was similar to that of the W and G groups. However, these groups (Wg and Gg) were allowed to consume additional ad libitum grit. The ad libitum grit consumed by the Wg and Gg groups did not affect their egg production. Except for the yolk index, all other parameters of egg quality were not affected by ration manipulations in the trial. A higher amount of grit was consumed by Wg group; however, it did not cause a statistically significant difference in them compared to the Gg group in the trial. It is discovered that the group that consumed whole (10%) or ground (10%) flax seeds has an increased yolk index compared to those groups that consumed ad libitum grit.


Egg quality, flaxseed, limestone grit, performance, quail

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