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The objective of this article was to evaluate the effect of probiotic addition on average daily gain and feed conversion on the final piglet nursery phase. This study used a systematic review by meta-analysis to contrast the effect of piglets supplementation without antibiotics (negative control) and with antibiotics (positive control). These results archived a dichotomy that suggests a need for different statistical treatments to evaluate these outcomes obtained by articles. Because of this, a metaanalysis evaluation is justified to identify the animal performance on probiotic or antibiotic supplementation conditions. The use of probiotics improved the feed conversion in the experiments that used NC and PC, as well as improved the weight gain in those that used NC. It is concluded that the restoration of the intestinal flora by the supply of probiotics with a positive effect on the intestinal tract decreases the risk of diarrhea and causes better absorption of nutrients.


Forest plot, intestine, Lactobacilli, microflora, microorganisms, weaning

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