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Lectins are substances composed of proteins or glycoproteins that specifically bond to carbohydrates on the cell surfaces or inside the cell. Lectins are used to identify the carbohydrate types in the cellular membrane or cytoplasm. The aim of the study was to identify the location and distribution of the four types of lectins PNA (Peanut agglutinin- Arachis hypogea), WGA (Wheatgerm Agglutinin- Triticum vulgaris), Con A (Conconavalin A-Canavalia ensiformis), and SBA (Soybean Agglutinin-Glycine max) in dog testes and epididymites. The testes and the body of 10 adult dogs were collected from an animal shelter after castration. Following the standard histological procedures, lectin histochemistry was conducted on paraffin sections. In epididymal ducts and seminiferous tubules, the reaction was positive for PNA, WGA, and SBA. The deferent duct reaction was positive in all types of lectins. Based on the study data, we can suggest that the analysis of the results could be beneficial for cell and tissue culture techniques, as well as stem cell research, sperm maturation, canine capacitation, and decapacitation.


Dog, deferent duct, epididymis, testis, lectin histochemistry

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