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The aim of this study was the identification of trends topics in animal science in the last five years using bibliometric analysis. The research data consisted of 6972 studies published between 2015 and 2019 in the top five journals of animal science field, according to the Journal Citation Reports. The journals were analyzed in terms of number and types of publications, author, institution, country productivity, citation analysis, and citation burst. In the study, emerging trends and animal science intellectual structures were visualized with social network analysis. The evidence revealed in this study suggests that `genomic prediction' is the most effective field of study in animal science field. 'Growth performance', `Staphylococcus aureus', and 'Genomic prediction' were found as active clusters, and these topics may become popular in the future. Moreover, as a result of the word analysis conducted on the works made in the field, it was found that most repeated words are dairy cow, cattle, and performance. Also, it is thought that this study, which is the first bibliometric study in the field of animal science, will provide useful information to the researchers who will work in this field.


Bibliometric analysis, CiteSpace, animal science literature, social network analysis, citation analysis

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