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This paper reviewed the effects of in ovo feeding application on incubation performance and chick quality in broilers. Effectiveness of incubation and chick quality in commercial chicken broiler production have a decisive role in production cost as well as efficiency and are a prerequisite for sustainable production. To date, several studies have been done to improve incubation performance and chick quality, and significant gains have been achieved in this area in the last fifty years. The average hatchability and survivability in the sector have reached 85%-90% and 90%-95% respectively, and with new research, theoretical limits have been closely approached. In ovo feeding, one of the newest and technical applications in the incubation sector which successfully implements different methods and technologies in the area of performance and quality improvement has not yet been commercialized. Although in ovo feeding effects on chick weight and hatch properties have been evaluated and scientifically positive in some researches, sufficient progress for the spread of the application in the field has not been registered. Therefore, it is useful to continue studies on this subject, testing two or three interactions together with other supportive applications, and to investigate possible synergistic effects.


In ovo feeding, incubation, hatchability, chick quality, broiler

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