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In this study, the reproduction of Nemipterus randalli, one of the lessepsian fish catch from the Gulf of Antalya, Turkey was interpreted histologically. Regarding the fish used in this study (N = 1715), it is noteworthy to mention that male individuals are larger than females. The first sexual maturity in males was determined 17 cm TL and 60 g in BW, whereas 13 cm TL and 25 g BW in females. Females reached sexual maturity at age I+ and males at the age of II+. Seven different stages (O1-O7) were identified in oocyte maturation in the ovaries. The spawning time of N. randalli in the Gulf of Antalya extended from June to October (Peak on July- August), given the histological interpretation of the development in gonads and the GSI % data. According to this data, N. randalli may be described to have a Batch spawner characteristic.


Nemipterus randalli, histology, reproduction, batch spawner, Gulf of Antalya

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