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Cheyletiellosis is a highly contagious infestation caused by Cheyletiella mites, particularly in pets. This clinical case report was performed to give information about canine cheyletiellosis in 45-days-old Poodle puppies showing mainly pruritus and dandruff symptoms. Mites were detected in stereo microscopic examination of hair and skin scraping samples collected from dogs brought to a private veterinary clinic in Kocaeli province of Turkey. All collected materials were preserved in eppendorf tubes containing 70% ethanol and sent to the parasitology laboratory for species identification. Mite preparations for microscopic examination were prepared, and the species causing infestations in puppies was identified as Cheyletiella yasguri. This case is the first canine cheyletiellosis report in Kocaeli province of Turkey, and also the first C. yasguri infestation in Poodle breed dogs in Turkey. Symptoms of pruritus and dandruff were successfully resolved in a short time with the single dose spot-on formulation of selamectin administration, as well as routine combing of puppies and environmental cleaning. The number of studies on C. yasguri, which can cause infestations in humans, is limited in Turkey. Considering the increase in human dermatitis cases caused by Cheyletiella species, it is concluded that more comprehensive studies on the prevalence of cheyletiellosis in pets are required.


Cheyletiellosis, Cheyletiella yasguri, Poodle, selamectin, Kocaeli

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