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The scope of this research was determination of Rhodococcus equi isolates and antimicrobial susceptibilities in nasal swab specimen taken from animals between 0 and 6 months of age period. R. equi was identified from 10 isolates (11.1%) by automatic identification device. The verification of isolates were conducted by 16S ribosomal RNA PCR. VapA gene presence was detected in two (20%) isolates and multidrug resistance was identified against 11 antimicrobials. The antimicrobial resistance to macrolides and rifampin is arising worldwide since the excessive usage of the chemotherapeutics in various breeding farms just by evaluating monitoring outcomes. These results exhibit the presence of resistant strains among equine populations. The development of fast, economical and highly specific diagnostic technique against the threat of R. equi is essensial for better understanding of gene expressions related to resistance and development of effective immunization.


Rhodococcus equi, foal pneumonia, PCR, vapA, antibacterial resistance

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