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The aim of this study was to compare the chemical composition, in vitro digestibility, protein and energy value, roughage value of Amaranthus powellii Willd. forage to the most commonly used alfalfa hay and wheat straw in ruminant nutrition. Amaranthus powellii Willd. forage has the potential to be a third quality roughage according to its relative feed value assessment of 104.55 ± 0.67. In addition, the relative forage quality assessment developed for feeding dairy cattle was 97.73 ± 0.05 for Amaranthus powellii Willd. forage, which had a higher the relative forage quality value than alfalfa hay and wheat straw, and it can be used for feeding dairy or fattening cattle. However, it has been generally recommended that Amaranth be given either by grazing at its early flowering time or via silage due to the oxalic acid and nitrate salts. Amaranthus powellii Willd. forage should also be determined nitrate, amino acids, and other antinutritional factors before studied in vivo as hay or silage.


Alfalfa hay, amaranth, amaranth hay, in vitro bait value, wheat straw

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