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Ocular sonography and echobiometry was performed in local nondescript sheep (N = 36) of different age group and in adult corriedale (N = 60), crossbred Fec B (N = 48), and Poll Dorset cross breed sheep (N = 48). Cornea, anterior, posterior lens capsule, and retinal rim appeared hyperechoic whereas aqueous, vitreous humor, and nucleus of lens were anechoic. Significant increase (P < 0.05) in all the echobiometric measurement of the ocular distance except central corneal thickness and retinal rim thickness was recorded in the older animals (2 year old) compared to values recorded in animals at one month of age in local nondescript sheep. Significant differences (P < 0.05) in few recorded ocular biometric measurements were also noticed among different sheep breeds. However, the difference in the various ocular biometric measurements between the right and left eyes was nonsignificant. The results of this study provide the base line information regarding the ocular echobiometry in sheep that are relevant to comparative ocular anatomy and can be useful for ultrasonographic evaluation of different ocular affections in sheep.


Echobiometry, sheep, corriedale, nondescript sheep, age

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