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This study aimed to determine the morphological and morphometric characteristics of Alabadem pigeons, which are grown as ornamental pigeons in Edirne province, and to determine mutual traits with other indigenous pigeon breeds in Turkey by comparing with previous studies. Body weight (P < 0.001), head length (P < 0.01), head width (P < 0.05), beak length (P < 0.001), and tarsus diameter (P < 0.05) of age group III were higher than those of other age groups; however, the wingspan of age group II was greater than that of other age groups in Alabadem pigeon. Compared to other indigenous genotypes in Turkey, the Alabadem pigeon is a small-sized genotype. Alabadem pigeons were similar to Edremit butterfly pigeons and Thracian tumbler pigeons in terms of crested and blackeyed pigeons. On the other hand, the irregularly shaped mark (almond) on the head in Alabadem pigeons was similar to the wide-long irregular shaped mark on the neck of Edremit butterfly pigeons. Some basic plumage colors (black, yellow, and red) and intermediate colors (chickpea and scarlet) were identical to Alabadem pigeons and Thrace roller pigeons. Since Alabadem pigeons have many mutual characteristics with Edremit butterfly pigeons and Thracian roller pigeons, genetic studies may be recommended to determine the degree of relationship among these breeds.


Alabadem pigeon, morphological characteristics, Turkey

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