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This study was conducted to assess the effect of dried tomato pomace (DTP) feeding on the carcass characteristics and the quality of the meat of growing rabbits. For this purpose, 54 weaned rabbits (40 days old) were divided into three equal groups and fed isoproteic and isoenergetic diets. The first group was the control group (CON), while the other two groups were fed 10 (DTP-10), and 20 (DTP-20) percent DTP for 6 weeks. Eighty-three-day-old rabbits were slaughtered then, the carcass characteristics, mechanical and sensorial tenderness of the meat were determined. Rabbits fed with DTP-10 had the highest final weight at slaughter (2100 g) and the highest hot and cold carcass yields. Whereas, the highest weight of full gastrointestinal tracts and liver were observed within the DTP- 20. Besides, optical property showed that rabbits, which were fed DTP-10, provided the reddest meat. Interestingly, DTP ameliorated textural quality. Indeed, rabbit meat became more tender and appreciated by consumers. In conclusion, the incorporation of the DTP into the rabbit's ration has improved remarkably the rabbit meat quality. Thus, DTP can be fed to rabbits at levels of up to 20% of the diet.


Diet, longissimus dorsi, meat quality, rabbit

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