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The productive performance and egg quality traits of hens in an organic production system in Turkey were executed in this paper. A total of 6000 hens were reared in an organic system for 72 weeks. Two organic certified houses each with a capacity of 3000 hens were used in the study. Mean egg production during the laying period was 303 eggs per hen. Laying rate was 80.24% for 72 weeks, while mortality was 8.85%. The internal and external egg quality traits were determined between 25 and 72 weeks. Mean egg weight was 63.03 g and shell thickness was 0.35 mm. Shape index was significantly decreased with age (P < 0.01). Mean shape index value was 76.34%. Shell breaking strength was highest (3.60 kg/cm$^{2}$) at peak production and decreased with age (P < 0.01). Haugh unit was 98.19 and highest at 25 weeks and significantly decreased with age (P < 0.01). Mean Haugh unit was 80.39. Albumen index was highest at 25 weeks and significantly decreased (P < 0.01). Conversely, yolk index significantly increased with age (P < 0.01).


Organic egg, organic hen, egg production, egg quality, brown layers, laying rate

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