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This study evaluated the effect of outdoor access offered to fast-growing broilers at different ages and its impact on meat quality attributes. A total of 200 straight-run broilers were arranged according to the completed randomized design and distributed into 4 treatment groups. The treatments were replicated 5 times; each replicate consisted of 10 birds. The treatment included age at exposure to outdoor access including day 21, day 28, and day 35, and a control group in which the birds were reared at an indoor facility for up to 56 days. Taste, flavor, juiciness, and overall acceptability of breast meat were highest for broilers given outdoor access on day 21 followed by day 28, day 21 and lowest for broilers without outdoor access. Tenderness of breast meat was highest in broilers without outdoor access followed by broilers given outdoor access on day 35 and day28 and lowest for broilers given outdoor access on day 21 of age. It can be concluded that giving outdoor access to fast-growing broilers at the age of day 21 improves carcass and meat quality traits.


Broiler chicken, outdoor access, different ages, meat quality

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