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The main cause of larva migrans syndrome (LMS) in humans is represented by Toxocara spp. found in dogs and cats. In the present study, the effects of three disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium compounds (Kohrsolin® FF, Trioton$^{®}$ rapid AF and Terralin$^{®}$ protect) and one based on propanol and ethanol (Bacillol$^{®}$), against Toxocaracanis and Toxocaracati eggs, were tested. These disinfectants have a strong antimicrobial and virucidal action. Two different exposure times and different concentrations for solutions were used. All four disinfectants presented high percentages of destructive effects against Toxocaracanis eggs, after 21 days of exposure. The vast majority of eggs with pronounced degenerative changes in the eggshell and embryonic development were observed using Bacillol$^{®}$ for both Toxocara species. Terralin$^{®}$ protect was ineffective against Toxocaracati eggs. The ovicidal effect of these compounds has been noticed thus allowing their use as disinfectants for surfaces contaminated with Toxocara spp. eggs.


Toxocara spp., disinfectants, exposure, carnivores, efficiency

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