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In this study, it was aimed to evaluate which walking analysis data may be obtained for Kangal and Akbaş shepherd dogs using a pressure-sensitive walkway (PSW) and which of these data may be used in the fields of veterinary anatomy, orthopedics, and neurology. Center of pressure (COP) analysis results of 46 dogs were examined. Distance type gait parameters of dogs were measured and their foot zone analysis values were recorded. It was observed that the pressure values applied by forelimb steps on the ground were higher compared to the pressure applied by hindlimb steps. The highest peak vertical force (PVF) values were observed in DP3 and DP4 for both forelimbs and hindlimbs. It was determined that the pressure value applied by metapodial pads on the ground were lower compared to digital pads and the PVF values of metapodial pads of the hindlimb were higher than the forelimb metapodial pad values. The correlation between weight and forelimb pressure values was higher than the correlation values between weight and hindlimb pressure values. With the pressure-sensitive walkway system used in the study, COP and foot zone analysis may be performed and distance gait parameters may be measured. It is considered that this system, in which more data may be obtained about the morphometry of walking, is more advantageous with its ease of use compared to other walking analysis systems. It is considered that the studies performed with this system would be a reference in veterinary orthopedic and neurology fields and would contribute to the development of the usage of pressure-sensitive walkway systems for dogs.


Akbaş shepherd dogs, center of pressure analysis, gait analysis, Kangal shepherd dogs, pressure-sensitive walkway

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