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This study was conducted to investigate the maternal genetic diversity using the mtDNA D - loop region 842 base pair (bp) polymorphism in Şavak Akkaraman sheep raised in the province of Erzincan. According to the results, in the mtDNA D - loop of the Şavak Akkaraman breed, 27 polymorphic sites and 20 haplotypes were identified and then, 11 of the 20 haplotypes identified in Şavak sheep were in haplogroup B (55%), 6 in haplogroup A (30%), and 3 in haplogroup C (15%). Haplogroup B was the most frequent haplogroup in Şavak Akkaraman sheep. Haplotype and nucleotide diversities were estimated to be 0.995 ± 0.004 and 0.0146 ± 0.0003, respectively. The Şavak Akkaraman breed was compared with the mtDNA sequencing of different breeds and wild sheep, and the contribution of the breed to biodiversity was considered.

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