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Sheeppox is an economically important disease of small ruminants caused by the sheeppox virus (SPPV). Sheeppox virus (SPPV), goatpox virus, and lumpy skin disease virus are capripoxviruses, antigenically related but genetically distinct. Their differentiation requires analysis at a molecular level. Eleven sheeppox virus isolates from five different regions of Tunisia were collected between 2010 and 2016. SPPV was detected by real-time PCR using SYBR Green technology. Primers amplifying the entire Kelch-like gene were designed. Then the GPCR, RPO30, P32, ORF117, and Kelch-like genes were molecularly analyzed to show the different specific lineage patterns of each species. Phylogenetic analyses revealed three monophyletic and distinct specific lineage clusters as per their host origins. Our study proved the efficiency of using these five genes for the identification and differentiation of capripoxvirus species, and the GPCR gene is recommended for phylogenetic studies.


GPCR, Kelch-like, ORF117, P32, RPO30, sheeppox virus

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