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Today, traditional societies throughout the world possess a wealth of ethnoveterinary knowledge, which they have accumulated during prolonged interaction with nature. Turkey has ample resources of ethnoveterinary medicines as evident from its rich floral diversity and traditional botanical knowledge from the past. This review aims to compile herbal remedies used in ethnoveterinary medicine in Turkey with comprehensive usage information and to compare our findings with pharmacological studies. The botanical, family, and local names; used parts; preparation methods; administration/dosage and duration of the treatment; and ailments treated/therapeutic effects were presented by screening ethnobotanical and ethnoveterinary studies. The most cited plant families, the medicinal plants, and the most common animal diseases were determined and presented in graphics. A total of 251 taxa belonging to 67 families were reported as being traditionally used to treat animal diseases in Turkey. Fabaceae (25 taxa), Asteraceae (24 taxa), Lamiaceae (19 taxa), Rosaceae (19 taxa), Apiaceae (9 taxa), Poaceae (8 taxa), and Solanaceae (7 taxa) were found as the most cited plant families. The most cited medicinal plants were Helleborus orientalis Lam. (9), Allium sativum L. (9), Juniperus oxycedrus L. subsp. oxycedrus var. oxycedrus (9), Berberis crataegina DC. (8), Pinus brutia Ten. var. brutia (7), Sambucus ebulus L. (6), Cydonia oblonga Mill. (6), and Olea europaea L. (6), respectively. These plants are frequently used to cure various animal ailments such as dermatological, gastrointestinal, and parasitic diseases. The pharmacological studies of the said plant species were also gathered and reviewed to convey the efficacy of these plants in the treatment of animal diseases. Considering the traditional usage of the reported medicinal plants, more pharmacological studies are required for confirming the effectiveness of these herbal remedies.


Animal diseases, ethnoveterinary, traditional medicine, medicinal plants, Turkey

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