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Uterine torsion is an uncommon disorder of bitch and is more likely to occur in the pregnant animals. A three-year-old Labrador bitch was presented to the Madras Veterinary College Teaching Hospital with the history of having delivered two live puppies in the morning with no further signs of parturition. On abdominal palpation, the fetal mass was palpable. Radiography revealed three fetal skeletons and ultrasound revealed viable fetuses. Based on the history and clinical examination, the case was tentatively diagnosed as primary uterine inertia. Even after two inductions, no puppies were delivered and hence to save the life of puppies, emergency caesarean section was performed. Right uterine horn torsion with severe necrosis was noticed upon laparotomy; hence, ovariohysterectomy was performed and the animal had an uneventful recovery.


Dystocia, unilateral uterine torsion, ovariohysterectomy, bitch

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