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This study was carried out to evaluate the biochemical parameters and intestinal microflora in broilers with low doses of Eimeria tenella. Birds from the experimental groups were orally infected with 500 (GI) or 1000 (GII) sporulated oocysts of E. tenella and then examined for weight gain, biochemical indicators, and microbiota on day 9 and 16 after infection. Experimental infection of E. tenella on day 9 post infection (pi) increased concentrations of uric acid, cholesterol, triacylglycerols, and glucose; however, these measurements did not differ from those of the control group on day 16 pi. On day 16 pi, bifidobacteria counts were lower in both infected groups, whereas E. coli counts were higher in GII than in GI and the control group. Statistical differences were not observed when average weight gains between the infected and noninfected groups were compared.


Eimeria tenella, subclinical coccidiosis, broilers, experimental infection, biochemical parameters

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