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In order to evaluate the in vivo therapeutic effect of oral administration of tilmicosin phosphate on mycoplasmal pneumonia in swine and its safety for the infected swine, the model of mycoplasmal pneumonia disease in swine was established by artificial infection, and indices such as efficiency, cure rate, death rate, the score of lung lesion, and the routine blood tests, blood biochemistry, and routine urine tests of tested swine were determined. The results showed that all of the dosage groups of 100 mg/L, 80 mg/L, 60 mg/L of 10% tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder demonstrated distinct therapeutic effects on mycoplasmal pneumonia in pigs, significantly reducing the scores of lung lesions in diseased pigs, and that the treatment effect of 60-80 mg/L tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder was equivalent to that of 10% tilmicosin soluble powder. Administration of 10% tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder improved the weight gain of the diseased swine. Treatment of infected pigs with 60?100 mg/L of 10% tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder did not seem to influence the routine blood tests, biochemical index, and routine urine tests, and is therefore safe for diseased swine. In conclusion, administration of 10% tilmicosin phosphate soluble powder is effective and safe to treat artificially infected swine with mycoplasmal pneumonia.


Tilmicosin phosphate, treatment effect, safety, mycoplasmal pneumonia, pigs

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