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This study aimed to determine the methicillin resistance and some genotypic characteristics of staphylococci in dogs and their owners. A total of 132 swab samples from 33 healthy dogs and their owners were taken. Isolated staphylococci were identified by PCR. The antibiotic sensitivities of the isolates were determined by disc diffusion method. Determination of pvl, mecA, bla, and fem genes and SCCmec types was performed by PCR. Isolates were genotyped according to coa and spa gene polymorphisms by PCR. Fortyfive isolates were identified as Stapyloccoccus spp. Among them, 8 isolates were identified as S. aureus and 23 isolates were identified as S. pseudintermedius. According to the disc diffusion tests, methicillin resistance methicillin-resistant was determined in all S. aureus (MRSA). Among the methicillin-resistant strains, 8 were S. pseudintermedius (MRSP). However, methicillin resistance was determined genotypically in 10 strains and of these 5 were MRSA and 2 were MRSP. Two S. aureus strains and 7 S. pseudintermedius strains were mec A negative but bla positive. No strain carried the fem gene. Ten different coa types were detected among the strains. All MRSA strains carried pvl genes. In conclusion, MRSP should be considered to pose a risk for humans living with dogs or in contact with them.


bla, fem, mecA, SCCmec, staphylococci

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